Friday, April 21, 2006

Weapons of Sound, Fleadh by the Feale, Peter Howarth

Just to respond to two recent posts, I will hopefully have the words to 'On the Road to Abbeyfeale' up on the blog in the next few days. With regards to bias on this show visavia the drama groups in Abbeyfeale, the argument is rather flimsy given the coverage that this show gave to 'Big Maggie' (see previous posts), and also that there are members of both cross co-operating on the upcoming variety show at the Glórach. Save the dramatics for the stage...
On to this weeks show which will be including

-Footage from the Sámhlaíocht Easter Arts Festival (including a feature on the UK based group Weapons of Sound, who play on recycled materials)
-Interview with Dan Murphy, chairman of the Fleadh by the Feale committee, who will be previewing next weekends event
-Interview with North Kerry based poet, Peter Howarth, on his new collection of poetry

We may also be featuring a review by Darren Condon from Askeaton, who recently attended the Doors concert in Dublin. Only one way to find out, and that's to tune in to this Friday's show at 6, hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

does the umpteenth production of a JB Keane play by a local drama group really qualify as art or arse? a fine line indeed....