Friday, February 01, 2008

Audio 11: Gerard Mannix Flynn, Michael Cabot 25-01-08

In this full show from January 25th Michael Cabot, artistic director, (London Classic Theatre) speaks about the enduring legacy of Mike Leigh's "Abigail's Party" which his company recently brought on tour in Ireland.
We then have an extended interview with artistic dire
ctor of Far Cry Productions, Gerard Mannix Flynn. Well known as an author, playwright and performer, he has a new project running at the Limerick Printmakers, "Trespass & Forgiveness". In a fascinating interview, he has a lot of very valid points about the roots of a lot of problems in contemporary Ireland. He also focuses on the city of Limerick in which the interview was conducted. To download show, click here (file size 50 mb)

This is the first of the weekly shows to be made available in complete form as a podcast. You can now subscribe to Eagsuil as a podcast and all new audio will be downloaded automatically. To add to itunes, click here. For all other podcast receivers copy the address below into receiver

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