Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Audio 24: Jerry Harmon storyteller 24/10/08

An interview from the October 24th show with Jerry Harmon. Deep in the foothills of the Blue Ridge/ Appalachian mountain chain in North Carolina, Jerry was born into a family rich in the tradition of story telling and music. Jerry is recognized as an accomplished guitarist with a unique style and a gifted songwriter and singer. He was in Ireland for the Lough Gur Story tellers festival

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Anonymous said...

I saw this guy perform in Lough Gur. He is one of the all around best perfromers we have ever had at teh festival. I am a volunteer at the festival, and I have saw them all. Jerry Harmon is a fabuloujs all around performer, a guitarist,singer , songwriter, humorist and incredible storyteller

Lorcan said...

Thanks for that, I couldn't make it to Lough Gur myself, but I have to say it was very enjoyable interviewing Jerry, a pure gentleman and glad his show went down so well.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jerry Harmon perform at home in America last month just after Christmas. I was able to get in a few words with him. He truly is a gentleman. He puts on an awesome show and there are not any artist these days left that are truly authentic and not trying to be on cmt as a main goal in life. Jerry has writen songs for other artist, is the only direct lineage of the man who started the JackTales in America who keeps that tradition alive. He has acomplished much as a performer, and is a very humble and modest man. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I also want to inform you I emailed his booking contact at appartistagency@yahoo.com and found out he is touring Ireland again this October for sure, perhaps in May, and I know he is going to be in England. I know here in America he is a legacy to those of us who appreciate a true artist who hasn't sold out, and Ricky Skaggs says the same thing about him That says a lot. I appreciate the stations such as yours who take time to share the artist like Jerry Harmon,, Phyllis Cardoza pmcardoza@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I was in Bath England in 2009 and saw Jerry perform. Man what a treat, for I had never heard him. He is an awesome guitarist, singer, storyteller. He is the complete package. He kept about 1500 people on the edge of our seats for the entire performance. I suggest anyone that hears where he is playing to go see the show. Amazing performer.